Development Partners in the PyPSA Universe

We are three main players with distinctive roles that work on open modelling, open data, open source solver support and open communities for energy system planning. The Team is an independent research-focused group that aims to push the state-of-the-art in energy system modelling forward with a focus on Europe. The PyPSA meets Earth Team is a research focused grassroots research initiative extending the cutting-edge work from Europe to Earth-scale to push the state-of-the-art in energy system modelling with an open community. The Open Energy Transition Team is an impact-driven company that aim is push the worldwide adoption of all open tools to accelerate better and transparent decision-making. Many of the data, model, solver activities are neutral to the model framework, opening the door for collaboration also outside of the PyPSA space.

"When we initially developed PyPSA back in 2015, we made it open source in the hope that other folks would find it useful. We have worked closely with the team of Open Energy Transition over the past few years and we are very excited to see how OET spreads open modelling around the world and supports PyPSA's development."

- Prof. Tom Brown, Co-Creator of PyPSA and lead of

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Framework and Models for Energy System Modelling


A python software toolbox for simulating and optimising modern power systems.
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A sector-coupled open optimisation model of the European energy system
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A flexible open sector-coupled optimization model of the global energy system.
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An online toolkit for calculating renewable electricity supplies around the world.
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An online toolkit for running and exploring PyPSA-Eur sector-coupled senarios.
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An open-source web interface for running worldwide energy system planning studies.
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Data for Energy System Modelling


Convert weather data to energy systems data.
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A machine learning pipeline to detect infrastructure from satellite images.
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A toolbox to combine multiple powerplant databases.
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Technology Data

A tool that compiles assumptions on energy system technologies.
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Open source solver interfaces and support


Linear optimization interface for Python.
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We organised a campaign, collecting +500k$, to make the worlds-fastest open-source solver HiGHS ready for large energy planning problems.
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Open Community

Check out our Discord server

The heart of the community life is happening on Discord (which we describe as better Slack alternative). We hold there all our meetings, coffee breaks and exchanges. Discord provides voice channels, text channels, and event stages. This also allows you to meet up or host your own events if desired.

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Check out our Github Repository

You can find our developments in the GitHub repository, where you can join our community, create issues, share ideas and discuss with us. All of our developments are open source and GPL3 or MIT licensed, meaning they must stay open. Even the website you are looking at is open source. Feel free to use it and suggest improvements.

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Check out our Documentation

The documentation describes in more detail how you can contribute, how our project is structured and further provides the code documentation. Additionally, we share learning materials and some relevant talks and papers in the roam of PyPSA and Earth modelling. The documentation is also open, feel free to make it better.


Reference Projects

Our team directly supports or enabled the following projects:


Leave an email for any question or enquiry: