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Application process

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Thank you for your interest in joining Open Energy Transition (OET), a dynamic and all-remote company that follows the successful GitLab operational model. OET is dedicated to disrupting the market with our open source software and open data initiatives, driving the global transition to clean and sustainable energy solutions. We take pride in our exceptional team, exciting projects, and visionary outlook, and we are excited to welcome talented individuals who share our passion for making a positive impact in the energy sector.

Our application process is designed to be efficient and focused, allowing you to showcase your skills, experience, and enthusiasm effectively. We value simplicity, transparency, and efficiency, ensuring that you have the opportunity to highlight what truly matters – your abilities and aspirations.

Your application might require up to four things:
I. GitHub Profile (for Dev/Modelling roles)
II. LinkedIn Profile (or CV)
III. Transcript of Records (for Junior roles)
IV. Introduction Letter (Optional. Only if you like to share more about yourself)
V. Compensation Expectations and Earliest Entry Date

We value diversity and inclusivity and encourage individuals from all backgrounds and identities to apply.

I. GitHub Profile

We believe in the power of collaboration and open source development. Please provide a link to your GitHub profile, where we can explore your projects, contributions, and technical expertise. This will help us assess your proficiency in relevant tools and technologies and evaluate your ability to contribute effectively to our innovative solutions.

II. LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile plays a pivotal role in showcasing your professional experience, education, and connections within the industry. It replaces the need for a traditional CV and provides a comprehensive overview of your achievements and recommendations. Please ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and accurately represents your qualifications.

III. Transcript of Records

For instance academic transcripts,e.g. bachelors/masters, or certificates that demonstrate your qualifications. This will help us assess your academic background and evaluate your ability to contribute effectively to our innovative solutions.

IV. Introduction Letter

We invite you to submit a brief introduction letter that provides an overview of your desired role at OET, along with your genuine interest and motivation for joining our team. Feel free to share specific experiences, projects, or achievements that demonstrate your alignment with our mission and values. This letter should be a reflection of your personality, allowing us to understand your potential contribution to OET.

V. Compensation and Earliest Entry Date

Please provide us your compensation expectations in EUR and the earliest date you are available to join our team. This helps us understand your financial requirements and timeline, ensuring a smooth transition into our organization. Please provide clear and realistic figures, taking into consideration your skills, experience, and the industry standards in the country of your residence. Additionally, mentioning your earliest availability helps us plan accordingly and aligns with our project timelines and resource management strategies.

And now?

Once you gathered the necessary documents, please submit them to Our dedicated recruitment team will promptly review your application and assess your qualifications against our current openings. While we strive to provide individual feedback, please understand that due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to each applicant individually.

Thank you for considering a career with OET. We eagerly anticipate reviewing your application and exploring the potential of you joining our exceptional team on this transformative journey.


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