Transforming Energy Planning with Open Source and Open Data

To Accelerate the World's Transition to Sustainable Energy

Our Global Impact With Open Energy Planning

Open Energy Transition (OET) is a non-profit environmental think tank and software company dedicated to tackle energy planning challenges. We co-maintain some of the most popular open-source Python tools that empower people

from the PyPSA universe
more than 7 years of adoption
more than 230k downloads

Create Impact in Research and Industry

People create impact with the tools we use, develop, co-maintain and support. We lead the development of PyPSA-Earth and help maintain the independent projects PyPSA and PyPSA-Eur. Click on the user category to learn how people use PyPSA. We can help you achieving the same.

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  • PyPSA used by 20+ companies
  • Transmission System Operator
  • Energy and Climate NGO's
  • Development Agencies
  • Energy Consultancies
  • Petroleum companies
  • PyPSA used by 25+ research units
  • Joint Research Center, EU commission
  • Several top 20 ranked universities
  • Universities on any continent
  • Leading research labs
  • +10 Research outputs/year


As an environmental think tank, OET conducts research, analysis, and develops open-source tools and methodologies to drive the global energy transition towards 100% renewable energy. Simultaneously, as a software company, OET focuses on the development, provision and support of open-source software solutions that enhance energy transition planning and decision-making processes. By combining the roles of a think tank and a software company, OET brings together unique expertise in environmental sustainability and software development to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Customized Solutions

Does your energy planning study or tool does not exist yet or can't be reproduced? We deliver customized reports and models that empower our clients to be independent by being reproducible, enabling them to continue using and improving the tools after the project.

Software Development and Maintenance

We develop and maintain open source software for energy system modelling. We are specialized in Python, data viz-craft, machine learning and optimization in the energy domain. If any data or tool requirements are not yet fulfilled we are happy to close the gaps.


Open source software is free to use, but not free to maintain. We offer support contracts to ensure that the tools are maintained and improved. This way, we can ensure that the tools are always up to date and that our clients can focus on their work.


As an open source project stands not only on the shoulders of giants, but also on the shoulders of the community. To continue building up a strong user, developer and maintainer network is essential for us. We offer training to help our clients to become independent and part of the community.


Our flagship platform making open energy system model impactful

- Tauritron is our in-house devtool behind the platform -

Create state-of-the-art energy planning studies within a day. For any time-span, for any location.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Intuitive report-ready visualization and stats
  • Flexible model customization
  • Developed for large scale optimization
  • Multi-cloud and solver integrations
  • Powerful simulation and optimization capabilities
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Steadily evolving


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